About us

OLIOLI means joy in Hawaiian and JOY is a keyword in our concept. Our goal is that the experience and everything about OLIOLI will create joy. No matter what mood you’re in entering our environment you will leave us with a smile on your face.


OLIOLI equals the founders Nicolai and Frederik who share a common starting point in the take-out restaurant industry, a passion for food, roots in Asia and everyday life and upbringing in Nordic culture. Together they make a unique, competent, dedicated and strong partnership. Nicolai and Frederik are proud to present their menu which is a result of careful exploration of various combinations of taste, texture, nutrition, as well as color, stylistic and practical design of each bowl. OLIOLI offers you a modern and relaxed atmosphere with nutritious food, ‘hygge’ and joy of life.

The Food

Most of the ingredients in our Poke Bowls are similar to the popular ingredients of Japanese sushi but you can also add your own favorite ingredient. Thus a poke bowl is a flexible dish that allows you to customize it for time and event. Our bowls can be suited to almost any preference at all. If you do not like raw fish, we offer tofu, pulled duck, fried marinated beef or tiger prawns. If you prefer it you can have both ’cauliflower-rice’, red cabbage and pineapple with chili mayo, cashews or surimi salad. Thus most people can join, ie also vegetarians, vegans, gluten allergists (cauliflower rice) and small children (and others) who do not like raw fish. The choice is yours when you choose to ‘build-your-own’. In our menu we have ‘the standards’ where we give you our favorite choices and combinations of the different ingredients.